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> > 	"Governments are instituted - deriving their just powers from the consent
> > of the governed,"
> >
> > 	So what does "to govern" mean?
> > 	https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/govern
> > 	"to exercise continuous sovereign authority over"
> > 	https://www.dictionary.com/browse/govern
> > 	"to rule over by right of authority: "
> >
> > 	As you can see, "to govern" (id est, what governments do) is to "exercise
> > authority" and "authority" is something that must be obeyed. There's no
> > 'consent' in obeying authority. Authority and consent are self-evidently
> > antithetical concepts.
> See how they sneak in "just powers" definition phrase there,
> so that even the few who do consent (and it itself) somehow create,
> convey and allow fictional powers over those who do not.

	yeah in this context 'just' powers is just a synonym for authority. The rulers have  power, so the subjects either obey the rulers, or die. Having  'just' powers == being able to exercise authority. 

> And how they are automatically all "just" instead of unjust / wrong.
> And how "deriving" can be that which is created by itself.
> How all snowballs from very beginning with even smallest act of
> "institututing", left unrepelled by instinct, fools, and knowbetters

	here it sems as if "to institute" simply means "to set up" but one of the meanings of "institution" is  "an established custom, practice, or law" - So the concept of "institution" has usualy little to do with consent. Some legal customs may respect consent but a lot of them do not. 

> > 	So there you have it. In case it wasn't clear enough that Amerikkka was the
> > freest nation on the planet because it was founded as an outright SLAVE
> > society and enslaved tens of millions if not hundreds of millions. Which is
> > of course perfectly legitimate because Slavery is Freedom.
> Your "Amerikkka" is no better than your "Argentina", or any
> other "Democracy" or other "country" on the planet, 

	Of course all political power and all governments are based on the principle of "obey or die", and so all government officials deserve to be lynched. 

	However, the *united* ^states* of america are in a league of their own for two reasons 	

	1) in the supreme words of rebeka rosenbaum also known as ayn randroid :

	"the United States of America is the greatest, the noblest and, in its original founding principles, the only moral country in the history of the world." 

	So there you have it,  The *united* *states* is allegedly the only 'country' 'founded' on 'libertarian' principles. 

	2) the *united* ^states* is the only global empire at this time, and the biggest threat to freedom in the world. Global techno totalitarianism flows directly from washington-silicon-valley. 

	Now, the argentine govt, like the govt of 'america', was created after a colonial 'revolution' against an empire. Of course the only thing the 'revolution' did was to change some of the criminals in power. And the argie govt used fake libertarian rhetoric just like its american counterpart. It was the fashionable thing to do at that time. 

	There is also the french 'revolution' with some close ties to the american 'revolution', and other banana republics in south america 'founded' at that time probably have similar sounding bullshit in their legal systems.

	In that regard the US is not the only user of fake libertarian rhetoric (though I suspect it is the most strident one)

	But the combination of fake libertarian rhetoric, hundreds of years of global industrial murder, empire and slavery, AND being seen as the 'leader of the free world' is completely unique to the United States of America. 

	This last bit is especially crazy and revolting. Part of it is standard war propaganda. Jew-hollywood has been praising the virtues of american nazism for a long time. But the view that amerika is the 'libertarian' leader of the 'free world' is especially common among 'libertarian' scum (fake libertarians, true fascists) outside the US. Majority of 'libertarian' scum in argentina for instance is prolly even more pro-amerika than trump, obomba and the pentagon combined. 

> not even
> "Liberland" hardly more than Kingdom of an Authority Ruler.

	yeah libertland and its 50 pages long 'constituion' full of rambling nonsense is just self parody. Then again, it's a typical fake libertarian phenomenom, to the point that parts of their cuntstituion are a word by word copy of the US cuntstituion.

	"We, the Citizens of the Free Republic of Liberland....do ordain and establish the Constitution of the Free Republic of Liberland," 



> And sucky action of "slavery of negros" enabled by and outgrowth of,
> general sucky state of slavery (tax, lack of freedom, brainwashing, etc)
> promulgated and allowed in USA country itself after Independance
> by people who should have also been thrown out.
> USA lost all hope ever since then. Even the very most hopes...
> Obama: "Hope and Change"
> Trump: "Shutdown the Swamp"
> All Lies and Scams as usual.

	Yeah. Anyway, I think the reason to pick on the USA is that it's by far the biggest fake libertarian target. And fake libertarian are freedom's worst enemy. 

> Stop creating monsters.
> Your kids will sleep better at night.

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