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Thu Jan 17 21:59:54 PST 2019

On 1/17/19, Punk <punks at tfwno.gf> wrote:
> 	"Governments are instituted - deriving their just powers from the consent
> of the governed,"
> 	So what does "to govern" mean?
> 	https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/govern
> 	"to exercise continuous sovereign authority over"
> 	https://www.dictionary.com/browse/govern
> 	"to rule over by right of authority: "
> 	As you can see, "to govern" (id est, what governments do) is to "exercise
> authority" and "authority" is something that must be obeyed. There's no
> 'consent' in obeying authority. Authority and consent are self-evidently
> antithetical concepts.

See how they sneak in "just powers" definition phrase there,
so that even the few who do consent (and it itself) somehow create,
convey and allow fictional powers over those who do not.
And how they are automatically all "just" instead of unjust / wrong.
And how "deriving" can be that which is created by itself.
How all snowballs from very beginning with even smallest act of
"institututing", left unrepelled by instinct, fools, and knowbetters

> 	So there you have it. In case it wasn't clear enough that Amerikkka was the
> freest nation on the planet because it was founded as an outright SLAVE
> society and enslaved tens of millions if not hundreds of millions. Which is
> of course perfectly legitimate because Slavery is Freedom.

Your "Amerikkka" is no better than your "Argentina", or any
other "Democracy" or other "country" on the planet, not even
"Liberland" hardly more than Kingdom of an Authority Ruler.
And sucky action of "slavery of negros" enabled by and outgrowth of,
general sucky state of slavery (tax, lack of freedom, brainwashing, etc)
promulgated and allowed in USA country itself after Independance
by people who should have also been thrown out.
USA lost all hope ever since then. Even the very most hopes...
Obama: "Hope and Change"
Trump: "Shutdown the Swamp"

All Lies and Scams as usual.

Stop creating monsters.
Your kids will sleep better at night.

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