How Feminism, aka worthless feminazi scum is funded

Punk punks at
Tue Jan 8 19:24:07 PST 2019

Steve K.
> Funny thing:  All the feminists I have known had a primarily anarchist
> orientation. I guess it depends on who you run around with - and/or
> whether one's information comes from personal contacts or mass media
> propaganda sources. 

	Actually I should haev mentioned that more than a few official 'libertarian' 'anarchists' I know turned out to be feminazi scum, parroting the current propaganda to a tee.  I guess that's to be expected from fake libertarians, true intelectual frauds, and so feminism really suits them. 

> > Actually you can have your 'female suffrage' if you want and see how women
> > vote for tyranny exactly like they did.  

	speaking of the clinton cunt...This sums up feminism pretty well 

	"Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat." 

	Notice how the rabid animal and murderous cunt clinton shows no empathy. The fact that  men die is only relevant to the degree that it affects poor womnnyzsd

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