How Feminism, aka worthless feminazi scum is funded

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> > Funny thing:  All the feminists I have known had a primarily anarchist
> > orientation. I guess it depends on who you run around with - and/or
> > whether one's information comes from personal contacts or mass media
> > propaganda sources. 
> 	I know very little people with an 'anarchist orientation' because, obviously, anarchism isn't exactly popular. And the set containing 'anarchist' and 'feminist' is virtually empty as far as my personal sampling goes. But, in general terms...
> 	...Feminism is conceptual nonsense. If there are legal restrictions placed on women those have to be abolished based on the principle of equality before the law, but that's a *liberal* tenet not a 'feminist' one. In other words 'feminism' is not needed. And no wonder in practice feminism is just another tool of oppression.

I have a girlfriend that would disagree with you, at least from a
pragmatic point of view. On the way to "true liberty" (i.e anarchy), 
isn't it appropriate to fight for such things as suffrage, equal pay for
women, abortion rights, etc ? 

I suppose she would say you have to get your hands dirty in the
existing system sometimes to accomplish anything, which admittedly
is a thin fucking tightrope to balance.

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