The Unprofitably Incompetent - moral obscenity - zero gratitude - destruction of the host

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Sat Jan 26 14:32:32 PST 2019

The Unprofitably Incompetent

 Those who can't do, demand...

 Profit propels civilization. When a producer can make an item or
 provide a service at a cost lower than a customer values that item
 or service, and the customer has the means and the freedom to buy,
 the difference between what’s paid over cost is profit. That profit
 is the producer’s incentive to produce, and in turn funds the
 producer’s consumption, savings, and investment, which creates other
 producers’ profits. Profit is the necessary prerequisite for
 consumption, savings, investment, and consequently, progress.

 Many of us profit every day. We offer services and provide goods,
 supporting ourselves at a cost that is lower than what we’re paid.
 We’re profitably competent, engaging in honest production and
 peaceful, voluntary exchange. The only alternatives to profitable
 competence are living off of someone else’s profitable competency
 via inheritance or charity, or criminality—theft via fraud or

 Criminals cloak their thefts in all sorts of justifications, some of
 which, like socialism, become full-blown political doctrines.
 Ironically, a larcenous litany of demands and rationalizations are
 efflorescing at a time when whatever is left of the overall profit
 pool has been drained. It has been mortgaged multiple times, just as
 hordes of the unprofitably incompetent, who had no hand in producing
 it, clamor for their “fair share.” They’ll insist the profitably
 competent figure out how to pay for it, but the fair share of
 nothing is nothing, political promises to the contrary

 “Your means, my ends; I wish, you fulfill,” is the foundational
 fantasy of modern governance. The favored groups shelter in their
 safe spaces—government and its rackets, crony corporations,
 academia, the media, and Hollywood—living on the delusion that there
 will always be someone who will produce, without question or
 protest, for their benefit. Upon that foundation they’ve constructed
 a phantasmagorical edifice of illusory constructs and passages to

 As the foundational fantasy totters, the fantasies it supports
 become more fantastical. The profit pool exhausted, you would think
 everything possible would be done to succor the profitably competent
 who are supposed to replenish it. Instead, that illustrious group is
 demonized at every turn, and the demands on them become ever more
 absurd. They are guilty because they’re productive, and must expiate
 their guilt by producing for the unproductive, whose incompetence
 makes them morally superior.

 The most “toxic” trait often associated with masculinity may be
 competence. It’s not exclusively masculine, but whether its
 possessors are male or female it has certainly become toxic,
 depriving them of any right to what they produce and any right to
 criticize those who steal it from them. Twits who can’t replace a
 light bulb
 demand free schooling and medical care, guaranteed jobs and incomes,
 trips to Mars, and who knows what else. Those who are to fund it all
 are to cheerfully regard doing so as a privilege.

 The notion of reparations won’t die. Anyone with money (the only
 people who can pay) supposedly owe the descendants of various victim
 classes reparations for the supposed sins of their ancestors. To
 hold individuals guilty of crimes they couldn’t have committed is a
 moral obscenity. The demands for retribution are simply another
 naked money grab.

 The rhetoric grows increasingly hateful. The slave class can be
 openly disparaged, denigrated, and deplored based on their race,
 gender, geographic location, religion, politics, the way they smile
 at a Native American, or any other characteristic the masters don’t
 like. But woe to the slaves who utter anything the tyrannical cult
 deems offensive or incorrect. Transgressors are put through social
 media hell, ostracized, ruined, and coming soon, incarcerated.

 If you’ve found your safe space and you’re incapable of producing
 marketable value that exceeds its cost of production, you’re
 dependent on the profitably competent, but their very existence is a
 constant reproach, a reminder of your own inadequacy. So where
 gratitude would be appropriate, you instead hate, mock, and abuse
 your meal tickets. This isn’t PhD in psychology material—spoiled
 children have been abusing their parents for centuries.
 Interestingly—at least for psychology PhDs—the dependent get more
 abusive as they get more dependent.

 Their safe spaces require little or nothing in the way of
 competency. They have become havens for personal predilections and
 peccadilloes that were once socially unacceptable, virtually free
 from any standards of comportment or dress, and citadels of
 venomous, self-serving ideologies.

 One month into the partial shutdown of the largest safe space, it’s
 obvious that not only has the sky not fallen, but unsurprisingly,
 America is doing just fine without those 800,000 furloughed workers
 that even the government considers nonessential. Which elicits the
 question: What were they doing when they were on the job?

 “Not much” is not necessarily the right answer. The 100,000 plus
 pages of the Federal Register and the tax code suggest that they’ve
 been spending a lot of time gumming up the works for and extracting
 money from the profitably competent many of them despise. The
 furlough may accomplish the first step of breaking America’s
 addiction to government: realizing that most of it is not only
 useless, but harmful. We’ll see if it leads to the next steps:
 getting rid of personnel, programs, agencies, and entire
 departments, and changing policy accordingly (we can dream). If
 things change in that direction, expect the denizens of what are no
 longer safe spaces to become increasingly vitriolic.

 You can’t reach a point where dependents openly denigrate those who
 support them without the latter’s tacit or explicit consent. Parents
 who spoil their children and endure the brats’ abuse get what they
 deserve. Ayn Rand had it right. The people who make America go could
 bring it to a shuddering stop simply by stockpiling their resources
 and walking off their jobs for a month or two. An added turn of the
 screw would be withdrawing their funds from the banking system (see
 “The Yellow Vests Get it Right,” SLL

 It’s time to stop funding the abusers, time to stop excusing them
 with “they mean well, but…”, time to reject their claims to moral
 superiority, time to stop building safe space sanctuaries, time to
 stop apologizing for profitable competence, and time to recognize
 its moral value and reclaim the right to its profits. If it takes a
 strike to hurl the brats into the maw of their own incompetence and
 upend the tyrannical cult, so be it. The biggest crime hasn’t been
 that of the brats and the cult, it’s been the failure of those who
 haven’t defended what’s rightfully theirs.

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