“America has never made income taxes lawful in a free and fair referendum” - People unite against (((big gov))) - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Tue Jan 22 21:36:51 PST 2019

Pence: Venezuelan Maduro is “a dictator with no legitimate claim to
power” who has “never won the presidency in a free and fair

Is that so? The USA really wants to dictate to other countries how
which things the people get to vote upon?

Like the most basic things such as whether we have an income tax or a
"goods and services" tax?

And (thank you CNN) Macron is the leader of "the Free world" with 17%
popularity whilst gassing his own people protesting, and Trump
gassing people trying to "illegally" enter the USA is the greatest
evil this world has ever seen?

Really truly gassing your own people is ok a la France's Mar-con?

Perhaps we really need to start a public dialog about whom it is OK
to gas, and whom it is not OK to gas - or perhaps whom may
legitimately gas other humans, and which other humans may not
legitimately gas other humans?

Because gassing humans is ok when it protects the state, but not ok
when it is to protect the state?

I'm so confused I'm literally shakiNPC - not good!

 Maduro orders ‘total revision’ of Venezuela-US diplomatic
 ties after Pence calls for regime change 

Venezuela: Look, this is a democracy...

CIA: You think you got a democracy muffaluggerah?! Eat my balls!
  #CoupsForAll #CIARules #AmericaIsADemocracyOfValues

Australia: That's not a democracy, THIS is a democracy!

Macron: Poodle oi oi, piss thee, may we?

Ocasio /ourlatinx/: 80% income tax rate will stop global warming!

Trump: So big. So beautiful. #OurWall #BigWall - Big, beautiful wall!

John Young: The wall schematics, /ourlatinx/ nudes and Saddam's WMDs
  are all now in cleartext on http://cryptome.org - and we understand
  that which you don't understand, so don't even THINK about asking
  for HTTPS certificates on the web server.

Anon: Dang dude! That's some -serious- crypto balls - deep state shit
  exposed, and not even encrypted!

David Duke: The wall will help protect a future for white children.

Andrew Anglin: When in finally comes, this f***in wall better be white!

Dalai Llama: The rapefugees should be sent back to their own country
  to help build the wall!

Pelosi: Damn you Trump, no free ride to Afghanistan for the CIA's
  latest orphanage pizza party! Commercial my arse, I'm gonna ride
  Obama there instead!

Sinn Féin: American pussys! Bomb it like it's 1999 already, mofos!

Corbyn: If only we had an oven big enough to "Gas the Jews" - ha ha,
  so funny :)

Meechan: Hey! That's MY joke!

Anglin: Step aside bro, step aside!

Sanhedrin: Oy VEY! So many anti-semitic jokes, ve must be shutting it
  down already - police must DO something already, this is literally
  getting Out Of Control there is WAY too much goyim knowing!
  You must NEVER, EVER, under ANY circumstances joke about Hitler,
  see? Because this is beyond the limit that you all know is free
  speech - Nazi is definitely not free to speak, OK?

Entire world: Please le Juif, remind us your semitic victimhood for
  what is it, 5 thousand years already? I'm not quite sure I got that
  bit about being kicked out of every single country, every single
  time (somtimes multiple times), for 5000 years? Can you please
  remind me just one more time how it everybody else's fault, it is
  always us troublesome goyim? We are not quite understanding and
  DEFinitiely need more educating - perhaps a few more holocaust
  museums to remind us of all the literally shaking facts,
  masturbation machines and literally built after WWII fake Auschwitz
  chimneys? I'm really not sure I have the full picture, so please,
  please don't let me interrupt you and educate us all another 6
  million times.

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