UK Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis: calling someone a Nazi can “never ever” be defended as “free speech” - [PEACE] [MINISTRY]

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Tue Jan 22 13:57:00 PST 2019

Learn today about this one amazing tribe who oppose using "Nazi"
as an ad-hom char slur now they've realized they beat that horse to
death against the goy and are now desperate to reclaim the power
"Hitler" once had. Hashtag

So(ap), “I'm so so saddened and troubled by” this that I'm literally
shaking the superlative adjectives of surprised emphasis off my brain.

  The Jewish Chronicle:
  Chief Rabbi says Soubry abuse highlights dangers of social media

  … In an appearance on (((Emma Barnett)))’s Radio 5 Live show, the
  Chief Rabbi said he had watched the video clip – that went viral –
  of a group of protesters verbally abusing Ms Soubry “so many
  times”, saying he was “so saddened and also troubled by it.”

  Asked by Ms Barnett if the use of the word “Nazi” by the
  demonstrators could be defended under free speech laws, the Chief
  Rabbi said: “Never, ever.”

  In an apparent condemnation of the police’s failure to take
  immediate action, he said: “I’m so surprised [such speech] was
  allowed to continue.”

  … “This is just an indication of some of the discourse that is
  taking place today and we cannot allow it to get out of control.”

  … “And these words are having an enormous impact on people. If only
  people would think better [of le holohoax] before they actually
  sent messages out.  Because there is so much hate being expressed.”

  The Chief Rabbi then cited the 19th century Rabbi Israel Salanter,
  who had written of the need to exercise caution before speaking

  Police are investigating whether any criminal offence was committed
  after Ms Soubry was branded a Nazi by Brexit protesters outside
  parliament earlier this month.

  During a discussion on the BBC, people off-camera could be heard
  shouting “Soubry is a Nazi”.

  … Also during his appearance on Ms Barnett’s show on Monday, the
  Chief Rabbi was asked about the continued impasse within the
  Labour Party over antisemitism.

  The Chief Rabbi said he was “deeply concerned” the party was still
  failing to take “antisemitism seriously enough.”

  … “They’ve said some impressive things but we need to see the

  Chief Rabbi Declares That Calling People Nazis “Can Never
  be Justified”

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