Cryptocurrency: Music of a Million Dreams

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Sun Jan 13 21:31:20 PST 2019 McAfee POTUS 2020 dicks and bix song challenge 2018 review + song ddd top 10 end of silk road, Free Ross! proudhon's bubble donation market haus love me? beatzcoin get them famos amos 88n8 satoshi? dead not that fast shitcoin lasagna damn it feels blame it on gox crypto xmas ZT build the chain everybody needs a little jayz parody jaccomo world ks hodlin bull ballad Birthday of Million Dreams

To celebrate the 10th Birthday of the launch of Bitcoin, a diverse
cast of crypto devotees joined their voices to sing "A Million
Dreams." Over the past 10 years, we've overcome so many difficulties
and worked together to help others understand and use Bitcoin. The
first decade is just the tip of the iceberg of the Bitcoin revolution...
the next 10 years will fulfill another Million Dreams.
Happy Birthday Bitcoin.

Keep on making the next 10, never give up, become free... cypherpunks.

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