Where is Coderman's keys?

coderman coderman at protonmail.com
Sat Jan 12 12:46:18 PST 2019

> Use GPG and sign your messages :P

le sigh; years ago i protested encrypted email on usability grounds, fail catastrophic grounds.

today usability still abysmal; despite keybase.io, despite fancy cipher suites.

i do like other less meta-data leaky and fragile end to end encrypted comms, however. :)

> I tied my GPG key into <keyserver> which gives you some options of tying your key to various other services, e.g. a <list of horrible authentication authorities here...>
> But, really, just having a posting history with a certain key seems to me the easiest & most reliable way of establishing legitimacy.

let me save you the trouble: i am most illegitimate! :O

best regards,

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