IBM unveils its first commercial quantum computer

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> > > TechCrunch: IBM unveils its first commercial quantum computer.
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> > 	is it a scam like the dwave machines? 
> Almost certainly - but it looks cooler :)

	Hehe =P

	Here's some related and entertaining info 

	"Nuclear qubits were appealing for several reasons. First, you can make a perfectly fine qubit out of any nuclear isotope that has a spin-as many do. Second, says Gershenfeld, “this is the most coherent system in the universe.” Every nucleus is protected from outside disturbances by its dense cloud of electrons. That means that once you get its spin lined up, it will stay that way for hours or days-an eon in computer time. Third, nuclear qubits are incredibly easy to assemble. “Instead of trying to nanofabricate nanostructures,” says Gershenfeld, “we can just use the ones nature gave us: molecules.”" 

	"Finally, says Gershenfeld, the technology for manipulating these nuclear spins is already very mature. It’s called nuclear magnetic resonance" 

	Ohh! It looks like 'quantum commputing' is finally sorted out! ...

	...except, that article is 20 years old. 

	But I guess that after billions of dollars in subsidies some technician may eventually get one of these things to work. At which point quantum computing would be used to further increase the power of the political-technocratic oligarchy that rules the world.

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