early 20th Century Russia: exactly 6 million Rus Jews pogrommed - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Sat Feb 16 16:22:11 PST 2019

Exactly 6 million Jews pogrommed in early 20th Century Russia, from
Ukraine to western Russia.

Anyone might think this 6 million figure comes from the Talmud or
something ....

** Yet Another Six Million: The Fable of Pogroms against Jews in
Tsarist Russia
by Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson Rusjournal (773 views) on Thu, Feb 14, 2019

The official history says that from the late 19th century to the
First World War, Jews in western Russian cities were targeted by the
“Black Hundreds” and the government in “pogroms.” This is a buzzword
designed to make attacking Jews different than attacking everyone
else. These riots, the academic will piously tell us, “killed
millions and millions.” These Jews were targeted for “no reason” and
the violence was instigated by “the tsar” due to “blind hate.” While
this is a common historical claim whenever Jews are concerned, as
always, none of this is true. Western Russian violence at this time
had several qualities in common: few Jews were killed; Jews were
almost always the aggressors; and Jews were far better armed than the
local police in cities such as Vilna, Starodub, Odessa and Kiev.

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