SHAMELESS troll - massive Russian flag draped over Salisbury cathedral - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Mon Feb 18 16:21:12 PST 2019

Sad day today as dignity of Russian flag forever unsure as flag
shamelessly hung ... in ENGLAND (Salisbury) no less!

My heart literally shaking!

West is far from deserving such dignified flag, but perhaps
this marginally better than World War 3...

 Salisbury Residents Outraged After Giant Russian Flag Hung
 From Cathedral

CIANiggers and their MI5 / MI6 vassals perhaps be mocked with
recreational nuke or three?  At least glorious Russian flag would
not hang in England!

Who ever heard of England anyway?

At least Russian flag draped on Cathedral - so big, must only be Mil
MI-26 chopper involved

According to CNNPC, Putin personally ordered this stunt and Lavrov
personally unrolled his long ... flag ... as he dangled in deified
dignity from MI-26.

<shakes head in wonder/>

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