From the Assange indictment: Is there Extraterritoriality present in the Statutes the Indictment references?

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> > There is a principle of American law, upheld by the Supreme Court, that a Federal law is only supposed to be considered of "extraterritorial" application....
> >    Maybe study this as well
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> Well, the events of 9/11/2001 clearly occurred within the United States, with co-conspirators present.  Whether OBL, as alleged co-conspirator, would have been susceptible to prosecution, and where, is a different issue.   Differerent statutes, different locations, different actions.  

	But the Farrant/Nanni piece doesn't deal only with OBL. An 'extraterritoral' attack on Assange is explicitly mentioned. Some quotes : 
	Robert Foster : 

	An extraterritorial hit?!

	General Baxter from the Pentagon :

	The world's in our grip
	Now our jurisdiction extends over all of it
	So who's next for Shock and Awesome judgement?
	Amadenijibad? Al Akawi? Assange: we're coming!

	Please, eurofag dont history lesson me!
	Dont you get it? The true sign of a supremacy
	Is who gets to decide at each given minute
	When the rule of law is applied and when it's suspended

	You can't spell justice without the US and it's
	Called justice cause it's just us that's justified
	In judging just cause just wars and just evidence
	Just test this justice and get just iced if you mess with us

	It wasn't an error; this right here is the war on terror
	And it's a continuation of the nineteenth century
	Campaign we had to wage to liberate the territory

	Of the united states from the redskin savages
	Who also hid in caves and kept on attacking us
	Because they hated our civilised ways,
	Our Christianity, whiteness and slaves

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