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>>> 	Who are you planning to kill, exactly? And what sort of 'crime' gets you first a 'talk' and then gets you murdered? Not sure how any of your comments addresses any of the points I made. 
>> Nobody 'tall.  But any society /will/ act to protect itself against
>> people who exhibit chronic violent behavior -
> 	you must be referring to people like berwick and his summary executions of 'pedophiles'? 
> 	By the way, I assume that berwick is going to execute children who 'play doctor' too,  since such children are, well, 'pedophiles' themselves. 

Spotlights and laughter should cut a guy like this Berwick down to size,
where/as required.  The beauty part:  If a more creative response
becomes necessary, the attention already attracted to him would make
such a response more practicable.

>> with exceptions where
>> civilized societies reward that behavior so long as it serves the
>> purposes of the worst offenders, its ruling class.
> 	and that such exceptions actually include all 'civilized' societies in which mass murder is completely institutionalized and worshiped. You know, like the western cesspool, especially the USA, etc. 

Of course.  I did say "civilization."

>> Anarchy simply means the absence of a social command hierarchy acting
>> through coercive means.  
> 	Anarchy means more than that. It means a social order based on voluntary cooperation. And whether interactions are voluntary or not is defined at the individual level. It's also a rationalistic anti-authoritarian philosophy, so it can make a few devastating comments on things like jew-christian theocracy, for instance.


>> Anarchism denotes theoretical consideration and
>> rhetoric related to defining and implementing (relatively) nonviolent
>> social conventions and behavior.
> 	Not just 'nonviolent' but consensual.

"Consensual" presents as a subset of "nonviolent."

>> The word "justice" indicates "adjustment."
> 	Nah. The word justice indicates justice =) It's a word stolen from latin "justitia" (spanish justicia). "Adjustment' may come from the same root but it's a derived word and has a different meaning. 
> 	roman justice was even personified or made into a godess although roman justice was rather flawed. Regardless, the libertarian concept of justice stands. Justice being the state in which personal rights are respected, or restitution for rights violations is paid(to the extent possible)

She weighs events in the balance, blindfolded, while holding a sword.
She measures, cuts and adjusts until the pans come out level.  Witness
the civilizing influence of the law at work.

I would much rather see a simple attitude adjustment tried way before
some strange woman breaks out the pointy hardware.

>> Lao Tzu say:  "A man most conversant in the rites acts, but when no one
>> responds, rolls up his sleeves and resorts to persuasion by force."
>> The most typical problems with any idealistic -ism arise when people
>> take abstract ideas literally and try to apply them without
>> consideration of material context in the real world.  As guiding
>> principles, abstractions like "anarchy" can deliver a lot of value; but
>> as explicit instructions held to apply universally, they often achieve
>> the exact opposite of their intended results.
> 	That's kinda vague? But maybe you are referring to 'anarcho' fascists like berwick and the like? They perfectly fit my previous comments about fake libertarians and true fascists. 

To clarify what I meant to say:  People who imagine themselves
absolutely right and act on that basis can turn anything into a moral
excuse for tyranny.  Even anarchism.

> 	I bet  if you criticize google, amazon and the rest of the NSA, berwick and his pal jakobo would go into hysterical pro-corporate propaganda mode, just like their accomplice, scumbag jeffrey tucker 

Tons of pop culture, corporate media references, and political
literature present anarchism a sort of violent nihilism.  To one or
another extent, the century-plus long full spectrum saturation Big Lie
propaganda campaign against anarchism and anarchists affects everyone,
including self identifying anarchists.

To see working models of Frontier Justice in action, try participating
in independent groups that do organized events and actions, and watch
for this:  A petty tyrant who calls himself an anarchist shows up (it's
nearly always a guy) and must have his way - regardless of whether his
way cuts right across the grain of consensus activities already in
progress, alienate useful constituencies and alliances that took time
and effort to build, and/or etc.  He must have his way, and from his
ultimate moral high ground he can win any argument about that, one way
or another.

Go to enough meetings and events and one of those will eventually turn
up.  Check out how the more experienced anarchists - if any - manage his
case:  If they know their business they will salvage him - if possible.
 That starts with 'active listening' and probing for common ground, and
often ends with a valuable new community member.  If instead he gets
firmly invited to leave, that would most likely indicate a history of
violence against other participants - but don't assume, find out.

"Real ultimate fighting means learning to be friends."
- The Covert Comic


Well bless his heart, looking at that took 30 seconds I won't get back.
 The Tar Baby Principle says "you are attached to what you attack."  I
don't want to get any of that Tucker stuff on me.


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