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Zenaan Harkness <zen at> wrote:

> Consent is purported or "deemed" to be non-existent for children
> until the day of their 16th birthday.

	...depending on so called 'jurisdiction'. In especially shitty 'jurisdictions' like say many states in the USA cesspool it's 18. In somewhat more civilized countries in europe it's 14. 

	Regardless, people of age 14-18 are NOT 'children'. And, to state the painfully obvious,  whehter they consent to sex or to ANY OTHER FUCKING THING has nothing to do with 'law'. 

> To "deem" something is to say that that which is, is not what it is,
> or does not exist when it does exist, or does exist when it does not
> in fact exist.


> Deeming is demonic in principle, i.e. enforced/fiat denial of reality.
> Deeming is for power structures, psychological control or torture,
> the enforcement of submission to the will of another - "psychological
> rape" if you will, with the ultimate goal being self-censorship (self
> psychological rape?)
> Discussion of childhood sexuality in the present milieu of SJW
> terrorists, 

	except, it's not just feminazis. As mentioned once or five times, far right assholes like berwick and the vast majority of 'libertarians' are just as bad or even worse than SJW..

> typically leads to superficially cheap and dangerous
> slurs, ad-homs and calls for murder, since it's all dichomatic black
> and white certainties and finalities, "one's personal childhood
> experiences of playing doctor be damned".

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