latest false flag attack?

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Wed Sep 12 12:21:31 PDT 2018

On Wed, 12 Sep 2018 16:41:44 +0800
jamesd at wrote:

> On 12/09/2018 12:39, juan wrote:
> > On Wed, 12 Sep 2018 11:51:27 +0800
> > jamesd at wrote:
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> >> On 12/09/2018 05:48, juan wrote:
> >>> 	And? Also, there was no plane at the pentagon. You keep ignoring that?
> >>
> >> There was a plane at the pentagon.  We have video of it
> > 
> > 
> > 	link it
> > 
> > 

	right, there's no plane to be seen in that 'security' video. Thanks for making my point again and again. 

	Also what kind of  braindead fascist sheep would believe that the "security cameras" at  the pentagon have that sort of quality? ONE camera at ONE fps at 300x200? Really? Are you pretending to be SO fuckingly retarded? 

	Hey, the pentagon also had a State of the Art anti aircraft defense system. Composed of 10 black slaves aremed with slingshots. But they fought bravely against the terrists!

> A single frame at 1:26

	LMAO you mean a blur at 1:26. 

> Video camera is taking pictures in low resolution at one per second.'
	really? How did you realize that? Is is it thanks to your  extensive training in mathematics cryptography and moral philsophy? 

>  This priest was right under 
> the plane, which clipped a light pole.

	LMAO!!!! yeah a 'priest' - is that a motherfucking cathoic criminal? - you couldn't have found a most despicable kind of liar that a 'priest' eh =) 

	so your 'evidence' boils down to the lies of one 'priest' 'witness',  govt-agent. Yes I am really really impressed.. 

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