latest false flag attack?

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Tue Sep 11 11:52:58 PDT 2018

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Mirimir <mirimir at> wrote:

> On 09/11/2018 01:10 AM, juan wrote:
> > 	in the sense that it was done by the US military - the only scum capable of doing it. 
> OK, so I don't have any primary evidence. Except that I was near enough
> to Jersey City, when the first plane hit, that I quickly got to a pier,
> and watched the second plane hit. And sat there, drinking coffee, while
> the rest of it went down. And then I've followed the story, more or less
> closely, for 17 years.

	I don't know if you watched it directly but it doesn't make any difference. 

> What I can say is that there was definitely a second plane, and that the
> main towers eventually pretty much pancaked, with some sideways lean. So
> the idea that the planes took them down seems quite plausible.

	THe towers didnt pancake and WTC7 is a masterpiece of controlled demolition, so no that part of the story is not 'quite plausible'. And there's the pentagon attack with no evidence that any plane hit it. 

> Basically, the US and Saudis manipulated Al-Qaeda into planning the
> attacks. 

	Nah. It was the US military themselves. True, they added some hayrab props but they didn't place them too well.

> The US military and Israeli Mossad monitored developments, and
> made sure that the attackers weren't caught. 

	Nah, they may use that technique for small scale attacks, but somethign this big they had to do it themselves. 

> Perhaps the plan didn't
> include actually taking the World Trade Center down, or seriously
> damaging the Pentagon and White House. That is, maybe stuff just got out
> of hand. 

	Nah, that's exactly what the US military and the US govt stand for. 

> Or maybe they really did want something that would take the US
> into the Middle East, just as Pearl Harbor took it into WWII.

	It seems quite clear that the US nazis keep expanding their empire and that the american global surveillance state is a direct consequence of 9/11. As well as all the rest of child murdering militarism that is the highest American Virtue. 

> Anyway, that's my working hypothesis, such as it is.

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