latest false flag attack?

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Tue Sep 11 07:00:10 PDT 2018

On 09/11/2018 01:10 AM, juan wrote:
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> jamesd at wrote:
>>>>>> 911 happened
>>>>> 	because you 'needed' - 'wanted' a New Pearl Harbour
>>>> Someone did, for sure. It could have been Israel and/or Saudi Arabia
>>>> also. I suspect that they're all connected, in some clusterfuck way.
>>> 	I guess 9/11 is better described not just as a false flag attack but as an inside job. 
>> It was an inside job only in the sense that 
> 	in the sense that it was done by the US military - the only scum capable of doing it. 

OK, so I don't have any primary evidence. Except that I was near enough
to Jersey City, when the first plane hit, that I quickly got to a pier,
and watched the second plane hit. And sat there, drinking coffee, while
the rest of it went down. And then I've followed the story, more or less
closely, for 17 years.

What I can say is that there was definitely a second plane, and that the
main towers eventually pretty much pancaked, with some sideways lean. So
the idea that the planes took them down seems quite plausible.

But who was responsible? I have no clue, of course. I'm just some
anonymous coward. My best guess is a Pearl Harbor sort of scenario.
Basically, after the Soviet Union collapsed, the US military was looking
for someone/something else to fight.

The Middle East was the obvious choice. There had been lots of proxy
conflict with the Soviets. And they'd developed lots of great assets.
Especially in Afghanistan, involving fundamentalist Saudis. And in Iraq
vs Soviet-friendly Iran. Plus Israel, of course, and its conflict with
Soviet-friendly Syria and (at the time) Soviet-friendly Egypt. And poor
Lebanon and the Palestinians, more-or-less friendly with evil Iran and
Syria. And then there's Kissinger's long-term plan to destabilize the
Middle East, and ensure access to affordable oil.

So eventually it all came together. Iraq was threatening to ramp up oil
production, and sell in Euros. Neither the US nor the Saudis wanted
that. Instead, the US wanted to keep Iraq's oil reserves relatively
undeveloped, and its society chaotic and easily dominated. Israel also
wanted chaos in the Middle East, to facilitate expansion, which the US
would bless.

Basically, the US and Saudis manipulated Al-Qaeda into planning the
attacks. The US military and Israeli Mossad monitored developments, and
made sure that the attackers weren't caught. Perhaps the plan didn't
include actually taking the World Trade Center down, or seriously
damaging the Pentagon and White House. That is, maybe stuff just got out
of hand. Or maybe they really did want something that would take the US
into the Middle East, just as Pearl Harbor took it into WWII.

Anyway, that's my working hypothesis, such as it is.

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