HuffPost: Julian Assange Faces Federal Charges. But Let's Not Forget What We've Learned From WikiLeaks.

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Sun Nov 25 19:04:38 PST 2018

On Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 11:41:29PM -0300, Juan wrote:
> On Sun, 25 Nov 2018 17:52:19 -0800
> Douglas Lucas <dal at> wrote:
> > With something like 10-20 years remaining to halt global warming,
> 	except 'global warming' is not real. It's  just terrorist
> 	propaganda from govcorp to keep the sheep in line, have them
> 	worship 'science', justify subsidies from 'green' 'industries'
> 	etc. 
> 	It would actually be great if 'global warming' was real and caused
> 	our lovely industrial anti 'civilization' to collapse,  because
> 	that's pretty much the only way to stop global techno
> 	totalitarianism.


Sadly, global warming is a complete hoax, to impose a global tax, to
fund a global "one worl order" or "new world order".

Thankfully that "new taxation and policing" order is on the down and
a multi polar "order" (fwiw) is on the up.

And thankfully, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to the
industrial revolution came just, in, time! 180ppm CO2 is the red line
for most plants, below which they simply die, along with everything
up the food chain.

And ~ a century ago we were heading well down towards 200 ppm.

This was THE LOWEST level of CO2 measured from ice cores IN THE LIFE

And thankfully via the industrial revolution and combustion of
carbon, we're heading for 400ppm and above, marginally enough above
the absolute minimums the earth has ever seen, and enough to keep
plants surviving for another few thousand years.

Be grateful for the necessities for life yo!

And be gratefuly also for a planet warm enough for plant and animal

The only real problem THIS particular planet has ever faced is Ice
Ages. A greenhouse? Bloody heaven, mate!

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