HuffPost: Julian Assange Faces Federal Charges. But Let's Not Forget What We've Learned From WikiLeaks.

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Sun Nov 25 18:41:29 PST 2018

On Sun, 25 Nov 2018 17:52:19 -0800
Douglas Lucas <dal at> wrote:

> On 11/24/18 6:15 PM, juan wrote:
> > So maybe I should rephrase to something like : Assange was morally
> > obliged to publish clinton's dirty deals and by doing so he  helped
> > trump, who is his enemy. All in all, pretty ironic.
> He could have published it all at once, 

	yeah that actually is the only right choice, same thing for snowden. 

	we have this New Amazin' Technology called the interwebs. Anybody can publish anything. It's weird that snowden didn't use it...

> or filtered out stories
> carefully with collaborating media outlets.

	nah. Journos aka the fourth state are the propaganda department of the enemy. Fuck them.

> Either of those approaches
> would have been educational. Instead, he published them so as to
> "maximize impact" -- but that impact, which included holding back stuff
> to publish for the weekend before the election (when nobody would have
> time to audit the material), and to defend Trump after the Access
> Hollywood release -- was not an educational one. I've never met a single
> person who has actually read, say, Killary's speech to Wall St. or
> teased out any connections between DNC donors and anyone else. The
> maximized, uneducational impact was just to get commoners revved up and
> screaming, like Trump, "I Love WikiLeaks" in a "git your gubment hands
> off my Medicare" way.
> Look at the header here - - the goal of Team
> WikiLeaks is to maximize instances of Assange's face.
> This is what cryptobros WikiLeaks has become:
> 20 GOTO 10

	I'm not sure about that. I would assume assange would happily trade any 'fame' he has for his freedom. 

> With something like 10-20 years remaining to halt global warming,

	except 'global warming' is not real. It's  just terrorist propaganda from govcorp to keep the sheep in line, have them worship 'science', justify subsidies from 'green' 'industries' etc. 

	It would actually be great if 'global warming' was real and caused our lovely industrial anti 'civilization' to collapse,  because that's pretty much the only way to stop global techno totalitarianism.

> Team
> WikiLeaks will be happy to run the above program until the day we all
> die. They could have done so much by sharing their ample platform with
> worthy causes, but that would have caused "brand confusion" and god
> forbid somebody be confused. That's far too much like education.

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