Razer gets a call from the fedz about a ZuckerBook 'post you made in April'

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Thu May 31 13:59:48 PDT 2018

Unfortunate that open public analysis of security models receives frowns
from some business sectors that may have certain interests at odds.
This has all been seen before... it's the age old 0day vs responsible
disclosure debate... moved into covering the physical vs the digital realm.

Get mad... don't... murder...
Related... the fact that murder remains relatively both hard to defend
against and easy to get away with... is one of the reasons that
Assassination Politics... freaky crazy as it sounds to most, and if / when
ever implemented... and though it might go further than aforenoted agnostic
model analysis into perhaps 'price discovery' of the value to society
of various specific change objectives listed... will never really result in
actions of physical force, hardly beyond the underlying statistical norms
of both chance and action... all but the most stubborn would change their
ways beforehand... a change for the better via peaceful / logical reasoning.
Is that not the point... to avoid murder.

With CPU's and SW, when their source code is open, their manufacturing
processes transparent, products inspectable, patches accepted, bugs
squashed, producible by anyone, and are choosably force free among
them... even to include none... as in beer, 0 days are said to be fewer
and less frequently exploited, perhaps as fewer might see / have such need.

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