Chicago Deploying Police State Drones, NSA

Steve Kinney admin at
Wed May 2 22:43:14 PDT 2018

On 05/03/2018 01:12 AM, Steven Schear wrote:
> Spark gap transmitters are probably difficult/impossible to operate at
> 2.4/5.7 GHz and even if you could are probably too broadband to have
> sufficient power/Hz, unless the transmitters have KWs of output power,
> to jam WiFi-type signals. (It would probably also jam lots of other
> services in nearby bands.) For that you need an intelligent jammer
> (e.g., using Gnu Radio) of only modest power.

Gimme a circuit diagram, parts list and a budget and I can make 'em all
day long.  Or better yet, COTS is my favorite magical acronym.  As
indicated, my understanding of RF stuff is rudimentary at best.


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