US GA 2018 SB 315 Veto: Cheers of Victory Should Not Blind to Exploits Underneath

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed May 9 01:21:57 PDT 2018

Senate Bill 315 proposes to create the crime of unauthorized computer
access ... Georgia’s ... technology, particularly the presence of U.S.
Army Cyber Command, the state’s Cyber Range ... further ... need for
... debate ... it would be a crime ... the legislation ... led to
concerns regarding national security implications ... while intending
to protect against online breaches and hacks, SB 315 may ... hinder
the ability of government ... to do so ... For the foregoing reasons,
I VETO SB 315.  -- Gov. N. Deal

The EFF's and Gang of 55's two objection reasons were
not explicitly noted in identifiable detail.

Yet were two other fishy "national security" reasons
injected and "particularly" underlying the veto?

Consider the one definition of overloaded term "protect" that makes
sense in context is govt's surely claimed power to "defensively" [1],
spy, breach and hack you and everyone else on the planet
(decency "knows" no authority is granted by either of those).

Such actions of course can never be allowed to be a crime, lol.
So who really won?
The objectors?
The particulars, against a future principled prosecutor?

[1] Which some might call top secret offense from such SCI
facilities, at least until caught, then being oops, not defense.

"The work done this session ... provides ... for continued
collaboration on this issue."

Expect to see bill again, with all sorts of "Deals" carved out for state.

"Shall be punished"

So they can never find work making cyber actually secure...
what a brilliant startup plan for cybersecurity.

"sensitive or private information of government"

That pesky sunlight...

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