Philosophical Impacts of Dying Privacy

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed May 9 01:36:35 PDT 2018

Three Things Should Frighten You

government is using data to control the country’s population
able to create a digital profile of each person’s actions, affiliations,
statements, acts, and misdemeanors. On this, people are “scored”
within a “social credit” system and rewarded or penalized accordingly.

how much corporations know about us without us knowing.
how companies that manipulate public opinion are operating
in a way that very few people, and clearly not our lawmakers, can
really understand.

quantum computing will soon be able to break modern encryption, laying
open everything we so far thought was private and safe, and more
powerful computers will be able to search and map this data going back
through digital time.

Most of all, I feel for our children...


Ultimately, everything will be tracked by the state, connected by ever
more sophisticated algorithms, run on ever more powerful computers,
until dissent becomes impossible and there is no escape. How do you
oppose a system like that?


Otherwise we are moving into a world where the people creating the
future technologies in artificial intelligence, genetics, quantum
computing, search capabilities, and surveillance, to name but a
handful of areas, will be doing so unencumbered by ethical and
democratic controls.


I’m worried.

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