Blockchain World Conf Jul 2018: Showdown - John Mcafee to Integrate Jamie Dimon Into Crypto

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Sat May 5 01:28:18 PDT 2018

Published on May 4, 2018

John McAfee, famed 'bad boy of blockchain', rocked the financial
establishment earlier this week when he called upon Jamie Dimon, CEO
of Morgan Stanley, to accept a scathing invitation and challenge to
join him in a live, televised debate, to be held in July, where Mcafee
will be headlining the Blockchain World Conference ( in
Atlantic City NJ, directly in Jamie Dimon’s back yard.

McAfee, with all of his usual candor, made no bones about how serious
a threat the Crypto Currency and Blockchain Movement is not only to
Dimon, but also to his financial empire. McAfee, who will be the
keynote speaker at The Blockchain World Conference, and will also be
receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at the event, spared no
descriptive color in his attempt to entice Dimon to join him on stage
in what many are saying would be the single most dramatic showdown
between today’s financial establishment leaders and the virtual
currency craze that is poised to disrupt it.

McAfee, who has been no stranger to controversy over the years, may be
ushering in the most controversial era of his career in technology and

Billed widely as the “Clash of The Financial Titans”, the proposed
showdown will be televised globally by Live Stream and through all
major financial news networks.

Word of this potential, history making, showdown has driven
speculation that the BWC event will sell out well before it is set to
begin at Harrah’s Hotel, Casino, Spa Resort on July 11-13th in
Atlantic City, NJ. It is widely reported that the host venue has been
forced to ramp up security in the event that this interaction between
such influential figures escalates to the point of rocking world

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