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Sun May 6 11:50:27 PDT 2018

On Sat, May 5, 2018 at 2:19 PM, Tom Mitchell <mitch at niftyegg.com> wrote:
> On Sat, May 5, 2018 at 12:07 AM, grarpamp <grarpamp at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Per the "arbitrary and capricious whim" of moderator, cryptocurrency
>> discussions... those by definition being a fully charter compliant part of
>> "the technical, social, political, security, privacy, legal,
>> multinational aspects of cryptosystems"...
>> further free and fair discourse on same, are banned from this list.
>> Posting about cryptocurrency here is chilled and deprecated, thus
>> your work is at risk and highly discouraged. You may freely discuss
>> all said aspects, and more, of cryptocurrency without censorship
>> on the cypherpunks at cpunks.org list.
>> Including whatever else came from the conference:
>> https://cyber.stanford.edu/bpase18
>> Blockchain Protocol Analysis and Security Engineering 2018
>> 'Messages that use the term "crypto" to refer to currencies will not be
>> forwarded by the moderators.'
>> Now of course more rational people would say that context is everything...
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQQFA9YXCZ0
>> We talkin crypto ;)

> Block chain is vastly bigger than a crypto currency.
> It is evolving into a distributed ledger system and has potential
> in the secure (cryptographicly secure) foundation of supply
> chain management and even banking.

Yes, obviously. There will quite possibly always be
applications independant from the currency chains,
but curiously, perhaps they need not be.

> It does not need to obfuscate and hide transactions or the identity.

Blockchains absolutely must develop various forms of obfuscation / hiding /
anonymity, even more properly... fully cryptographically private transactions,
and fully decentralized survivable resistant transports, including end
to end encryption, overlay networks, out of band possibilities... all enabled
deployed and used where and as deemed needed by the users, not anyone
else... if they are to fulfill many of the philosophical promises that they were
born from in the first place.

Further, "supply chain", "banking"... generally "business", are all
private by default. Don't believe it, go walk up and ask any player
in those sectors to just give you their business records.
They'll immediately laugh you straight out their door. They'll have
public what they want public, private what they want private, and
blockchain tools that fill their needs from one end of that to the other.

Turn privacy on or off, use pointless corporate / government owned
shitcoins or not, that's up to the user, but *do not* try to claim
cryptographic privacy coins / blockchain privacy features are
universally invalid.

> However reliability and correctness does mater for business systems.

Sure, unless fuzzy logic, random outcomes, bitrot, and
attacks have benefit therein. Funny that some crypto
mining papers suggest possibility of more business profit
from acceptable errors.

Since the list needs injection of other points of view, such as
the need for privacy, debunking crypto antis / FUDsters,
etc and more "crypto" and cryptocurrency talk as called for
in its charter above, yet such has been documented as
being censored from the list... go join cypherpunks list where
you can speak freely about *crypto* and cryptocurrencies
and even cryptosporidium if you want ;)

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