Are jump if parity flag set instructions subject to speculative execution?

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Tue Jun 26 13:06:26 PDT 2018

On Tue, 26 Jun 2018 09:31:14 -0700
Ryan Carboni <ryacko at> wrote:

> In the era before scientific
> investigation, people would have realized there is something wrong with
> that picture, but people worship science now beyond all reason,

	what they worship is scientificism and some mechanical advances, not science.

> particularly if it means the advancement of their own profession. I met
> with many psychologists and two psychiatrists under false pretenses, 

	well there hardly is a better example of totalitarianism and intelectual 'scientific'  fraud posing as 'science' than psychology and psychiatry. You might want to avoid them...

> who decided to put more weight in a diagnosis they wouldn't reveal to me, then
> in what they could see before them.
> Naturally four years ago, I figured anything this wide scale must involve
> the deep state in some capacity, and there is nothing more deep state than
> the backdoored nature of the entire architecture of the internet. I began
> reading more about computers, and tried to get in with the cypherpunk
> community. Unexpectantly, the cypherpunk community was aloof, 

	what/who is the cypherpunk community? 

> and as I put
> various insinuated accusations against me together, I discovered that the
> cypherpunk community too was insinuated things in a casual indirect fashion.

	such as?

> I think there is nothing more deep state than Project Zero.

	duh? google is one of the most important arms of the US military so...

> Have they asked for a list of opcodes that are speculatively executed from
> Intel yet?
> Will they ever investigate all the entries for Zerodium that cost $10,000?
> The members of Project Zero are either idiots or shills. They are too smart
> to be idiots, although there are smart idiots in the world.

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