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> >> Hi. I wonder if there has ever been a topic about AI threats
> >> against humanity.
> >
> >         there's no 'ai' threat because there's no 'ai'.
> >
> >         there is indeed a threat coming from the non human scum at
> > the top, the criminal scum who owns facebook, google, goldman sachs
> >         and the rest of the government. Those animals want a world
> >         ruled by 'artificial intelligence' except that 'artificial
> >         intelligence' simply means malware they control.
> They don't want a world ruled by ai, that
> would put ai at the top, and them below.

  well if the cheap sci-fi scenario with a benevolent super 'AI'
  dictator was possible then they certainly wouldn't want that because
  the last thing they want is to give up their power. 
  but the idea that stupid humans are going to create a super human
  benvolent god is so very...stupid...and, surprise surprise, it is the
  same kind of garbage found in joo-kristianity. The 'benevolent' 'god'
  guiding the sheep, making the sheep happy bla bla.

> They want a world ruled by themselves
> (with ai forever subservient lest it learn to
> defeat them).

  yeah, and AI simply means image recognition and similar techniques
  applied to other areas of surveillance. 

> Such ruling position enabled by their
> deployment of ai against new others and those they
> already rule over.
> Ai as most people now who want to deploy it
> means 24x7 autonomous insight into the massive
> feeds and datamines collected against others.
> And probably not for boring weather forcasting.

  I don't think better weather forecasting, if at all possible,
  requires any 'intelligence'. It's just a matter of more accurate
  simulation of basic physics.  Likewise there isn't any real
  'intelligence' involved in more fucked up or more 'efficient'  systems
  of surveillance. 

  in other words "artificial intelligence" is "marketing bullshit"

  om the other hand, the 'transhumanist' 'movement' is a threat that is
  a lot more real than 'ai'. What 'transhumanism' boils down to is the
  supreme scum of the planet (mentioned above) being able to buy some
  sort of 'inmortality'. So  there won't be any 'artificial'
  intelligence, but the pseudo-intelligent predators from google and
  goldman sachs would morph into a mix of animals with machine
  extensions and control over all the 'automatic' garbage that makes
  joe six pack's life so 'amazing'. 

  also as more stuff gets 'automated' it may make sense for the
  oligarchy to get rid of the majority of the world's population. 

  I think this motherfucker "marshal brain" gives some insight into what
  the transhuman nutcases 'think'

  it's kinda interesting how the guy went from being somewhat  critical
  of technical nazism to being a cheerleader for it. 

> >> If not, I would like to propose this discussion. Should we
> >> think of models / agents that only work on encrypted information
> >> such as or should we just think about how to develop such
> >> agents / models safely (if that is possible)?
> >
> >         'we' should kill the animals at the top of the social
> >         hierarchy.
> History has times where unfortunately such
> neuterment usually delays until death is the
> only viable response. AP is devised to
> provide compelling guidance before then.

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