Bitcoin Private Denies Fraud Allegations and Calls for Halt to BTCP Trading

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Dec 27 14:07:40 PST 2018

> Let's see...
> 'misguided' people want to 'aggress' against... to interfere with the right

In addition wishing interfering with the right
of people to follow and utilize the code of
the coin in a free market (first two jpg's excepted)...

Next you are going to say Satoshi spending
even 1 Euro worth of their 1M BTC (effictively
the same interested party inflationary premine since
inception, utxo unto themself)... is stealing,
or how the hodling of it washed out 0.05% of the value
against some grand moral coin belief and authority.

> 	2.1 million bitcoins at $4000

Today 2.1M BTC is roughly $7.7B, which is

@ today's BTC mktcap ~= 12% ~= irrelavant
@ $1T all crypto mktcap (~$650B ath + $350B) = 1% = laughable
@ future crypto mktcap (fraction of earthcap) = meaningless
$8B is nothing in context.

But quit twisting, it was actually ~2M *BTCP* not BTC, which
upon article was somewhere in the $1 to $5 range, and some
had and was being exchanged out, versus being held for
whatever future market leading win BTCP proposed, so in fact
an even more laughably moot %.

How much does crypto go up / down in 1w 1m 1y?
How many lost, stolen, premined, scammed, crooked, etc coins,
tokens, derivatives and quanta are in the entire cryptospace... ~50%
... or more?
How many $B's do Governments literally steal at gunpoint and spend on garbage?

This BTCP news is nothing in any relavant context.

2M BTCP... be happy that it might be in the hands of a
crypto anarchist that might use it for something interesting therein.

> millions in value were stolen from all btc holders

No, BTCP is at subject, not BTC.

No coin address was compromised and stolen from, no user
or computer forcibly opened, no double spend or replay,
there was no theft, no one can call it that.
They didn't even take from some standalone unallocated
bucket that doesn't even exist in Satoshi blockchain model.
All it appears was mined their own coins into existance
as all miners compete in the free market to do.
You're raging about a tort, something that supposedly
affected the little aspie rager boy commune you live in,
that someone might have owed you a dutiful fuck, but
broke their duty and didn't give you a single caring one,
or simply one upped you in the mining contest.
There's a difference. With slim chances of that argument
prevailing in a crypto-anarchic / an-cap context.
Communal, or even whatever forceful democratic fake
law contexts, more likely.

As in articles... the extra happened before BTCP went live,
so everyone had the chance to verify and evaluate the actual
true prospectus in the code and coin from their own nodes at startup...
but they all *failed* to do that for ages till the article. So they ended
up overvaluing their acquisitions by 10%, and or not selling their
inheritance while it was 100x plus over value, and or whatever
else. Their fault, not whodunit's. And now they want
compensated for their own mistake, and by force upon others,
even upon innocents... lol.

Next time... build, review, audit, educate, participate, and use coins better.

Still early days, obviously.

The End.

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