The Cancer of Postgrads vs Open-ish Progress

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Apr 2 00:13:18 PDT 2018

There are plenty of postgrads and plain opensource
folks and global processor knowledge that all three of
 #OpenHW #OpenSW #OpenDev
can be done for that right now today by the open source
community same way as kernels are on github.

#OpenFabs are almost the same as far as knowledge goes,
but do require actual capital... to achieve dies that can
compete with current offerings such a fab will need rich
benefactors, crowdfunding / cryptocurrency.

Funny that no one seems to have yet deployed the
first three to create open cryptocurrency mining ASICs,
even for printing in closed fabs. Currently all such
chips seem to be secret for profit commercial endeavours.

An #OpenHW ASIC could also be used to fund #OpenFabs.

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