The Cancer of Postgrads vs Open-ish Progress

jamesd at jamesd at
Sun Apr 1 15:02:51 PDT 2018


On 4/2/2018 5:44 AM, juan wrote:
>     so risc-v is FUCKED.

risc-v is fine, but will come with a backdoored glue chip.

What we need is an open source SOC, (system on a chip), one where the 
glue is open source.

Government spyware is always on the part of the system that handles 
incoming ethernet packets and manages the earliest stage boot up process.

We need open source glue that handles incoming ethernet and first stage 
bootloading, which supports boot from internet with open source code and 
open source standards.  Right now Grub gets loaded into memory by 
mystery code that no one can see.

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