UK/EU terrorism: a simple fix

Razer g2s at
Tue May 23 17:45:38 PDT 2017

On 05/23/2017 05:37 PM, Steven Schear wrote:
> The reason citizens are exposed to these dangers is that the people
> who decide to go to war, remove heads of state, etc. are not exposed
> to the same dangers. Citizens should insist, even at the risk of
> insurrection, that politicians and their immrdiate families cannot
> have any special security, private or governmental (except, perhaps
> when traveling abroad) including staying at the homes of others with
> such security.  I'll bet within 6 months an effective solution is
> somehow found.
> Warrant Canary creator

Simple fix. Stop killing people for their extractive resources and
routes of removal from the region they're looted from.

Eventually the terrorism will subside.

Until then, be very afraid fuck you very much. You LET your government
put you in this spot just so you can have 'stuff'. You DESERVE to be
terrorized like that Yemeni child bombs are falling on.


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