Advice, please, any and all accepted

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Sun May 7 02:38:01 PDT 2017

> On 05/06/2017 05:29 PM, \0xDynamite wrote:
> > That is the solution for those who are enlightened.

On Sat, May 06, 2017 at 06:12:51PM -0700, Razer wrote:
> Why am I sorry I dug this idiot's post out of my junkfiles?

Because laziness overtook any bother to find a scrap of sincerity in
his words and corresponding attempt to parse and re-sed a hopefully
useful response, when a quick unfunny quip satisfied personal need
illusion of emotional accomplishment?

I just dunno buddy, I can only guess (whilst suppressing any
frustration at your bonza top posting technique)  :)

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