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On 05/06/2017 08:29 PM, \0xDynamite wrote:
>>> Given that hierarchal power structures enabled and enforced by the
>>> State are the major cause of the greatest collective problems
>>> faced by the human race, the solution to the greatest collective
>>> problems faced by the human race is a bigger more powerful State!
> That is the solution for those who are enlightened.  The masses are
> truly the "major cause" of the greatest collective problems faces by
> the human race".  They are addicted, callous, so no empathy or
> remorse, and destructive.  I
> In short, they are clinically psychopathic.  No need to blame the
> state, they are already part of the "super state" through their blind
> loyalty to the powers above.
>> seriously
>> I was being sarcastic when I wrote that.  I figured the clown nose
>> smiley face would tip readers off.
>> But if you find a way to implement a Global SuperState, by all means
>> do so, as fast and as hard as possible.  Nothing would accelerate the
>> collapse of the industrial age global economy faster,
> Exactly.  The way is already found.  It was pregnant with possibilties
> on the hackerspaces wiki under New World Order.  The thing is, it's
> miscarried due to the fight against religion by queer politics.  Total
> fuckups.  Of all the problems in the world, cocksuckers getting tax
> breaks for "gay marriage" wasn't on the fucking priority list.
> Truth is there were four prophesies and 4 secular reasons why dramatic
> shift would occur or have to occur.   The only hangup is that some
> fucking damage has to happen to the secularists and Christians for
> their complete failure.  I mean Biblical level damage.
> Marxos

Honestly - how many people are deeply and truly loyal to any state ?
I think you mistake fear and resignation for loyalty.

Oh - and take the anti-gay bigotry and shove it where the sun does not

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