What is the value of the State?

John Newman jnn at synfin.org
Thu May 4 12:29:30 PDT 2017

On Wed, May 03, 2017 at 01:29:35PM +0000, \0xDynamite wrote:
> >> Yet, they haven't "self-organized" to come together and FIX the
> >> problem in their own self-interest, have they?  So there either is an
> >> error in the analysis or there is some EXISTENTIALLY OTHER force that
> >> prevents it that is not of this world --otherwise they would come
> >> together and knock it down.  But because of it's other-dimensional
> >> nature, it is completley "invisibile" to them or unfamiliar, and don't
> >> know how to approach the problem.
> >
> > Yes - notwithstanding ones preferred conception of the problem, or
> > the source of the problem, what's an approach to tackling that which
> > we struggle to put into words and apparently affects "most people"?
> >
> > For starters, can we identify attributes/experiences on a personal
> > level which verify or point to, this problem? I'm thinking confront -
> > when one is intercepted by police for something trivial like driving
> > 9km/hr over "the speed limit", and one decides to boldly speak to
> > said police and firmly put them in their immoral place (in the
> > conversation that is) - one can tend to experience certain
> > physiological twitches, gut-based electricity flows, and or a mild
> > heat rising through the spine.
> The solution to this challenge is to be a better Statist than they
> are.  That is, to know your law better, which (fortunately becuase of
> the IQ level of most cops) isn't that hard.  Once you know your rigths
> and go through the hard knocks of jail time, you start to rise above
> it.  That's how and why I've written HACK THE LAW.

Are you a lawyer, or a "jailhouse lawyer"? ;)  The ridiculously
over-zealous punitive nature of the legal system, at least in America,
always has a massive bias against the individual. Essentially, you don't
have any rights in America, and memorizing a bunch of random
proscriptions might put you in a slightly better position than someone
ignorant of the law, but then again it probably won't matter. 

Of course, if you have enough money, that's always a good way to get
"justice".. ;)

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