What is the value of the State?

\0xDynamite dreamingforward at gmail.com
Wed May 3 06:29:35 PDT 2017

>> Yet, they haven't "self-organized" to come together and FIX the
>> problem in their own self-interest, have they?  So there either is an
>> error in the analysis or there is some EXISTENTIALLY OTHER force that
>> prevents it that is not of this world --otherwise they would come
>> together and knock it down.  But because of it's other-dimensional
>> nature, it is completley "invisibile" to them or unfamiliar, and don't
>> know how to approach the problem.
> Yes - notwithstanding ones preferred conception of the problem, or
> the source of the problem, what's an approach to tackling that which
> we struggle to put into words and apparently affects "most people"?
> For starters, can we identify attributes/experiences on a personal
> level which verify or point to, this problem? I'm thinking confront -
> when one is intercepted by police for something trivial like driving
> 9km/hr over "the speed limit", and one decides to boldly speak to
> said police and firmly put them in their immoral place (in the
> conversation that is) - one can tend to experience certain
> physiological twitches, gut-based electricity flows, and or a mild
> heat rising through the spine.

The solution to this challenge is to be a better Statist than they
are.  That is, to know your law better, which (fortunately becuase of
the IQ level of most cops) isn't that hard.  Once you know your rigths
and go through the hard knocks of jail time, you start to rise above
it.  That's how and why I've written HACK THE LAW.


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