[RUS] New Russian news feed website - for those who just can't get enough

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Wed May 31 20:09:01 PDT 2017

A short sample of this news feed that has evidently just recently
started, for those who enjoy an "insider" cross section of Ru news :)


** Nizhny Novgorod’s annual “Parade of blondes” takes place (Video)
Ahead of the World Day of Blondes celebrated on May 31.

** Russia developing hypersonic jets that can bypass any anti-missile
Launch date: Next year.

** CNN anchor is destroyed on air, over coverage of Trump-Russia
John Sununu destroys CNN's coverage of Trump and Russia fake news.

** India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, pens open letter on seven
decades of India-Russia friendship
Long live India-Russia friendship!

** 5 steps to becoming a Putin Agent
My name is Adam and I’d personally describe myself as a guy with informed opinions which luckily for me, an increasing amount of people want to hear. I have always had these opinions, but years ago before the advent of modern multi-polar media, few people could hear them. But this simple reality cannot be accepted by […]

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