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I can only agree with the sentiments expressed below of course, and
although some cannot even contemplate the possibility of peering
through this particular veil without an inner visceral reaction
(entirely unfortunate for sane public discourse, which ought go
without saying), we have a duty to one another to throw off the
programmed shackles of public discourse draped in the politically
correct taboos of the day - holocaust revisionism in this particular
instance, but there are a plenty yet ...


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Subject: 90 Year-old Woman Jailed for Questioning the "Holocaust".

The corrupt, traitorous German politicians and judges responsible for this brave woman’s outrageous imprisonment for telling the truth should be in prison and not her!
She's totally correct that the entire political system would crumble if the masses realised the reality. Unfortunately the majority of people prefer to live in blissful ignorance, God forbid they rock the boat. As long as there's beer in the fridge, money in the bank account and "entertainment" on the TV not much will change.
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Ursula Haverbeck: The Panorama Interview, with English Subtitles 
In 2015, Ursula Haverbeck made history in a defiant interview in which she threw down the gauntlet to the biggest taboo of our times. Revisionism . . . on German TV! A seismic event.
Today (12 November 2015), Frau Haverbeck was sentenced by a German court to ten months in prison for the opinions which she expresses in this video. This is the "freedom of expression" and "freedom of belief" that "democracy" has given Germany . . . and us all. I will post more information as it becomes available.

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