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Subject: Re: Australian Republican Movement

On Tue, May 02, 2017 at 11:36:36AM +1000, Charles Mollison wrote:
> Just to illustrate that the ARM is motivated, financed and active!
> Unless we get united and work together, the ARM will succeed in
> scrapping the Monarchy and having an Australian Head of State but
> we will left with all the other problems in our society and system
> of government that John has touched on.

Just to illustrate the nature of this 1-2 pronged attack which
Charles Mollison is either wittingly or unwittingly engaged in with

 - ARM proposes to scrap the monarchy, fundamentally destroying the
   superb foundation in the Preamble to our Australia federal
   constitution, thus creating

   A) the problem

 - "oh no" say the people "they're creating a problem", thus

   B) the reaction

and finally:
 - Charles Mollison walzes along and proposes:

   C) the solution

yet fundamentally, Charles Mollison's solution is ALSO fatally
flawed, thus exposing what is know as (check it out on the internet/
wikipedia etc)

   The false dichotomy.

The false dichotomy presents two evils or two problems, and says (or
better yet, implies) that we must choose between the two of them.

But both are evil, problematic, fundamentally and fatally flawed, and
are actually designed by those who want something, against the
interests of those who they are targetting (we the Australian

It is a false dichotomy because it says there are only two options,
in this case:

 A) change our Australian constitution in a bad way

 B) change our Australian constitution in a really bad way

But of course, not only is there the option to change our
constitution (which as almost always proposed by government power
brokers and their witting and unwitting cohorts), but there is a
THIRD option, to NOT change our constitution, giving us:

 A) change our Australian constitution in a bad way

 B) change our Australian constitution in a really bad way

 C) do NOT change our Australian constitution

Those want either A) or B) (they don't care which of A or B they get,
as long as they get either of them), DESPERATELY want us to ignore
option C), and try to create a public dialogue that

  Pre-supposes that option C does not even exist.

Stay alert fellow people, stay alert!

Eternal vigilance!

Regards to all those who uphold our good and wholesome foundations in
Zenaan Harkness

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