[RUS] Putin offers Comey asylum on same basis as Snowden

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Thu Jun 15 17:33:18 PDT 2017

Since VV Putin is such a dry, humourless, calculating communist
dictator with no principles, a hatred for his country and people and
a thirst for global chaos and terrorism, surely we can take this one
as fact.

Or perhaps the daily MSM shirtshow has me ever so mildly confused?

At least Russia treats human rights refugees with respect... and
perhaps Comey is next on the USA's-most-wanted-soon-to-be-holed-up-
at-the-ends-of-the-earth-known-as-Russia list?

10 Vladimir Putin classics from this year’s marathon Q & A
1. Asylum for Comey

And a little reminder of why you MUST not go anywhere near Russian
5 reasons you should NEVER marry a Russian woman

(Although they did miss the true number 1 on that list:

	1. Goldilocks wields an AK-47 and will kick your neighbour's arse
	   to kingdom come in a hail of 7.62×39mm cartridges fired off at
	   600 rounds a minute since she forgot to set it from auto back
	   to semi-auto when she was practising at the range this
	   morning, should the pesky neighbour so much as THINK about
	   harassing you, her devoted husband.

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