Ooopsie! Tutanota email service 'restores' emails users deleted weeks before.

Razer g2s at
Sun Jul 16 08:14:16 PDT 2017

> Dear Tutanota user,
> on Thursday, 29th of June, some previously deleted emails have
> accidentally been restored during maintenance of our servers. This
> only applies to emails deleted between the 12th and 25th of June.
> Please check whether there are emails in your mailbox that you'd
> rather have deleted. Affected users were partly not able to access
> their mailbox folders.
> Background info
> Emails in our database are replicated several times to make sure that
> no data is being lost. We have activated one of our database servers
> again which had been down for maintenance for a while. Unfortunately
> that server has executed some write requests that could not be
> completed before, thus some later deleted emails were restored. We
> have analyzed this bad behavior and made sure it will not happen
> again. We could only identify a part of those emails and remove them
> from the database. For transparency reasons it is our obligation to
> inform every Tutanota user about this. By informing you directly via
> email, you have a chance to spot remaining restored emails and delete
> them. We apologize for this issue.
> Best wishes,
> your Tutanota Team

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