Promotion of Democracy is the Privatization of Power

Ryan Carboni ryacko at
Sun Jul 16 11:35:14 PDT 2017

In the same minute of MSNBC, you could hear about how special interests
control too much of our politics, but that foreign countries need more
democracy. We were attempting to spread democracy to Afghanistan, but
Harmid Karzai is incredibly corrupt. The war on terror has all but ended
opposition politics in Malaysia ( watch this and try to figure
out how this guy is in the cabinet) . Actually the War on Terror aims to
fund the security services of foreign governments to build non-direct
diplomatic links to other power structures of a country.

Everyone criticizes Hoover, but count the number of former Directors of the
FBI and CIA who went on to become President. Alternatively, how many
Hoovers are the CIA funding overseas? Why does the New York Times presents
a less accurate view of the world than say... Gary Brecher or Zero Hedge?
It's very difficult to change parts of the world without replacing their
education systems, but we usually go guns ablazing instead. Police stand by
while armed bandits in Mexico steal gasoline. What is going on in the
world? What is being tolerated? What is being ineffectively fought against?
Who is in control?

Officially, there is the democratic peace theory, but we are against Iran,
a democracy (perhaps its opposition is more regulated than ours, but still
a democracy). What is the true reason behind the democratic peace theory?
Perhaps when a country is sufficiently owned by international interests, it
wouldn't benefit the international interests to have the two countries
fight each other. When did democracy first become widespread, and what
international interests gained power in that time?
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