Anyone familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques? I have a mystery.

Douglas Lucas dal at
Sat Sep 12 01:36:51 PDT 2015

Perhaps the spam websites need to hide only text that is "real" in the
eyes of Google. And "Bell further alleged in his 2003" is "real" because
it is in a book. It could have been text out of any other book, but it
turned out to be you. Like winning the lottery, but in reverse. Perhaps
you could analyze strings of the other hidden text to see if they too
are from "real" sources.

I come up with this hypothesis because years back I used to write web
advertisements for an ambulance chaser law firm. They gave me the
original text, e.g., "If you or someone you care about has been injured
in an 18-wheeler accident in Atlanta, blah blah" and I had to write it
six hundred different ways, e.g. "If you or someone you love has been
hurt in a big rig crash in Atlanta, blah blah" Each version became its
own URL. The text of each had to be different, the law firm told me, or
Google would notice the similarities and penalize the websites for being
spam. It was a boring gig so I livened it up by writing in metric prose
- one sentence here in trochees, another sentence there in anapests, etc.

So "real" text is valuable.

That leads me to wonder, like a science fiction writer, how we could
take this to extremes. Which text is the most "real"? What might the
consequences be of variations in the degree of lorem ipsum texts' reality?

On 09/11/2015 10:18 PM, jim bell wrote:
> For those who can help, please do a Google search for 'Bell further
> alleged in his 2003'
> You will notice that there are MANY results that contain that phrase,
> but have something close to gibberish, before and after it.  Some
> results are genuine, but most are apparently not.  I suspect that I am
> the victim of some sort of SEO-techniques, attempting to cover up the
> fact of the fake, forged appeal case 99-30210.  I suspect that the
> following company had something to do with it:
>  See, for
> instance,
>         Jim Bell

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