US drug policy -> maintains the class divide

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> From a comment on slashdot - I'm not American, but this sounds quite
> plausible to me:
> "
> If you're a $100k/yr engineer (Score:4, Insightful)
> by rsilvergun (571051) on Friday November 27, 2015 @10:52AM
> (#51013395) such things don't apply. In America we have a
> multi-tiered justice system. It's pretty well documented. Wealthy and
> educated people get treatment programs, while poor (and let's face
> it, black) people get jail. It's because what we're really using our
> drug policy for is to keep the poors in check.

	Feeding the medical and pharmaceutical mafia is another key
	objective - and purpose -  of the government. 

	In a free market, a kilo of a 'natural'(comes from a plant,
	it's quite green) stimulant like cocaine would cost, say, $100,
	whereas in the current fascist system, $100 buys you a few
	pills of the latest patented garbage sold by pfizer and pushed
	by the narc-cunts known as 'medical doctors'.

 Think of it this way.
> If your poor chances are you or one of your friends is using drugs to
> cope with poverty. Now, our drug laws, in particular our asset
> forfeiture laws are basically guilt by association. Combine that with
> juries that are inherently conservative (since you generally have to
> be well off to be able to afford to server on a jury for any length
> of time).
> So when poor people show up in wealthy neighborhoods they not only
> stick out like a swore thumb, but odds are good the cops can bust them
> for the drugs at least one of them is carrying. This keeps poor people
> out of wealthy school districts and parks, and lets the wealthy enjoy
> their (much, much better) public services.
> Basically, our drug policy is central to maintaining our class
> divide... "

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