Russia bans purchase of foreign non-niche software in Russian state agencies

Anton Nesterov komachi at
Sat Nov 21 17:51:25 PST 2015

Ivan Markin:
> Anton Nesterov:
>> And if you thought that opensource will take place of foreign 
>> proprietary software, it's not true. Only in the form of proprietary 
>> Russian product using some GPL/etc. codebase in violation of these
>> licenses.
> Hmm. Are you sure about violation? As far as I know legal status is
> still unclear in Russia. So in case of violation there will be no
> regulation. No regulation no violation. Voilá!
> Anyway they would just sell super overpriced Uslugi (installation
> services etc.) and it would look like "this software is purchased" (from
> "our" company obviously).

GPL doesn't need special regulation, it should work by-design
everywhere. Russian civil code even mention free licenses specially
(article 1286.1), so there is full legal basis, although I can't
remember any cases when that article was used in court (probably there
was none).

There is semi-opensource GNU/Linux distribution called Astra Linux based
on Debian and used by Russian govt that violates GPL by not providing
source codes to their KDE3-based DE (funny that Astra Linux was
created specially for govt decree about moving state agencies to the
free software).

There is proprietary OS MSVS based on RedHat used in military which not
only violate GPL by not providing source codes, but even removed most of
copyright notices.

etc., etc.

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