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Steve Kinney <admin at pilobilus.net> wrote:

> "Liberals," so-called, are not cardboard cutouts; they are human
> beings.  Two value reasoning, the passionate belief that the
> Left/Right axis describes real world politics, and judging others
> accordingly makes one a helpless cripple in the political sphere.
>  That's why Amerikans have been so carefully and thoroughly taught
> to see and respond to the world around them through that frame of
> reference.

	I know the left/right classification can be pretty meaningless
	and most of the time it is. On the other hand  mainstream
	liberals and mainstream conservatives, which are supposed to be
	left and right are hopeless I'm afraid (I do realize that some
	of them can become more politically sophisticated given
	the 'right' incentives)

> >> their demographic is now well represented in public events 
> >> that have little or nothing to do with partisan politics.
> >> The Bernie business is likely to bring a large wave of mad
> >> as hell,
> > 
> > sanders? an american 'socialists' senator*? what is he supposed
> > to stand for?
> Political attitude surveys consistently show a popular mandate for
> what most would call Socialist economic policies and institutions
> in the U.S.  Of course, in a Fascist State ruled by an
> astronomically wealthy oligarchy, no such thing is allowed.  Hence
> the novelty and extraordinary popular appeal of Bernie Sanders.  I
> expect his failure to deliver will radicalize a rather large
> number of people who would presently be described as Liberal.  I
> know from observation that the Obama deception had that effect.

	Ah, my mistake. I didn't get your point at first.

	I mostly remain skeptical though. I mean, the only thing you
	can be sure about politicians is that they won't keep their
	'promises'. And yet the democratic charade doesn't seem to be
	losing strength.

> > You seem to be wearing your rose colored glasses...
> Just a cognitive bias toward well documented evidence and lessons
> of personal experience, and a lifetime of studying the art and
> science of propaganda.
> I got hooked on propaganda when I was 11 or 12 and never lost
> interest.  Propaganda is the principal formative influence on
> social norms and political beliefs in the media-saturated
> "developed" nations.  No one escapes the influence of propaganda,
> but those who do not study propaganda will be controlled by it.

	Hehe =)

> :o)
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