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Woah, woah, woah. Back up. The Palestinians started this whole mess by
trying to kick the Jews out in the 1947 civil war, while there were Jewish
attacks on British institutions, the Arabs committed the bulk of the
violence. The only feasible peace process is for the Palestinians to
integrate into the Israeli community, which is impossible because any moves
towards a peace process will get you assassinated in the Middle East
(Sadat, Rabin).

Furthermore, wikileaks made it too obvious that they were pawns of Russian
intelligence, they post a form letter from McCain to the Russian Ambassador
asking for donations?  They cavort with a Russian lawyer? If you behave as
an enemy to US interests, US interests will treat you the same (and if you
read the Rancid Honeytrap, you'll be surprised at the extent of US
penetration into US society). Wikileaks should have towed a strict
moralistic line making it clear they should not receive an appropriate

It's too bad the US intelligence community insults their own employees
intelligence. The only reason why they don't want leaks is because once
something is leaked, it becomes OSINT, not HUMINT. And HUMINT gets
expensive, and the last thing you want is explain to an intelligence
committee why Botswana is equally effective at intelligence as you. But if
they advertise to their employees that being loyal is a pointless endeavor,
that'll just drive down the price of espionage. It's really a silly thing.

Ultimately, if wikileaks wanted to enact positive change, as opposed to
behaving like narcissistic morons, well, it's too late for that. But
obviously don't stick your penis into a white woman who's anti-Castro.
Young white people don't give a damn about Castro. Only the CIA cares about

Wikileaks got what it deserved.
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