DropZone: An Anonymous Peer-To-Peer Local Contraband Marketplace

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 15:26:11 PST 2015


The Dark Net drug market that survived Ukraine's civil war
The package was left there by a dealer known online as Brooklyn Flea
Shop. The product was easy to find for the buyer, someone who goes by
the alias of Mahadeva, the name of both the Great God of Hinduism and
a legendary evildoer in Buddhism.
Like most Dark Net markets, PsyCo exists as a hidden website on Tor.
The Dark Net’s lingua franca has always been English. But for the last
three years, small but steadily surviving localized markets in Eastern
Europe and Eastern Asia are opening up anonymous trade to potentially
hundreds of millions of Internet users who converse in languages like
Chinese, Russian, and Ukrainian. The actual active number of
non-English-speaking users right now appears to be much smaller, but
it's clear the Dark Net has room to grow.
In the markets of Russia and Ukraine, dead drops have become cheap and
quick alternatives to the classic Dark Net tactic of postal smuggling.

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