DropZone: An Anonymous Peer-To-Peer Local Contraband Marketplace

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 23:20:53 PST 2015


To whom it may concern,

Markets are objects of censorship and always have been. There is a
presumed division, that renders commerce distinct from the notion of
free speech. But I will allege that the act of commerce is, itself,
indistinct from speech. Where or how one spends their value is a
decision as personal and poignant as any words ever spoken or letters
ever written.

As a unfortunate consequence of freedom, bad actors will engage in
repugnant trade that impinges upon the rights and freedoms of others.
It is the job of humanity to cooperate and see to it that trade, such
as this, becomes unprofitable. Whether it is accomplished through
technological achievement or through the adjustment of social mores,
or perhaps a simple appeal to the underlying natural law, it is not
the job of bad acting third parties to force into hiding commerce that
must be dealt with by means of an adjustment to the global, social

Cooperation, in the manner I was just speaking about, has never been
plausible until the invention of The Blockchain. I will not foist upon
Satoshi's humble creation such impracticable possibilities as the
achievement of world peace.
But in approaching Drop Zone, I am attempting to do nothing more than
what is possible and possibly more efficient than what exists. I wish
for Drop Zone to be nothing more than an appendage to The Blockchain.
As such, it is every bit as much Bitcoin as Bitcoin itself. Just as a
fungible Bitcoin enables the exchange of spaceless value with near
impunity, Drop Zone removes the ability of unwelcome parties from
glancing over the shoulders of those in the act of an exchange,
whatever it entails. This technology disrupts the ability of buyers to
gain insight into the identities or movements of suppliers making
supply chains far less vulnerable to disruption. It is this innovation
that separates this project from all other decentralized market

Whereas Bitcoin forces us to consider the nature of money and value,
Drop Zone will do the same for commerce. At its root, Bitcoin is a
message passing system. Those messages that are passed, unlike any
electronic message that's come before it, articulate value. Commerce
is, and has always been, similarly inclined toward message passing.
Whether in-person, over email, or through large, online shopping
carts, fundamentally, commerce is composed of messages that are in
service of the transaction wherein a final message of value is sent to
a recipient in exchange for a negotiated good or service. As such,
Drop Zone is a secure message passing protocol inasmuch as it is a
platform for commerce. And while the problem is far beyond the scope
or capabilities of the protocol in its most fundamental form, the
observant might even see the tenuous skeleton of a full-fledged
reputation system. Such a project is, in itself, as important and
difficult as any facing this decentralized ecosystem.

I hope that Drop Zone lets us all dream of a day when no man will any
longer be made to suffer indignity for simply engaging in unpopular or
stigmatized commerce. May all commerce be created equal.

Today is a Beautiful day,

Miracle Max quia omnis qui se exaltat humiliabitur et qui se humiliat

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