UK To Ban Crypto In Devices, Email And More

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Nov 9 22:29:43 PST 2015

On Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 5:51 PM, Tomas Overdrive Petru <tpetru at> wrote:
> Thinking about connotations of crypto that could be backdoored as
> protection against terrorism or some similar stupid rhetoric:

> - so every sysop will now return to telnet

Doesn't apply to govt sysops. Notice how the rhetoric is
also not directed at businesses internally (they're partners),
only to what end users are using.

> - all banks are going to send money over telegraph in pure morse code,

No, they're protected crony class.

> same apply for telco operators - no GSM encryption

As are telcos, and GSM is moot, they have the voice anyway.

> ... no no... I meant it for ordinary people only.
> Hmm, and who exactly is that ordinary man or woman? Somebody who do not
> have web page, bank account, never used cell phone?

Yes, because they have free time to think,
beyond work (taxes) and TV (programming).

> How somebody could logically ban something that we all are using everyday?

Ever hear of book burning? Censorship? Murder? Theft? Etc?
It's really popular with out of control govt and corp entities.

> And one last point that can help as to prove whole nonsense: do we want
> to give our imaginary terrorist power to read complete communication of
> all of us "ordinary people"?

The people are not their real targets, only pawns, thus they don't care
to read their stuff. They're also often not really enemies of each other.

> IMHO during 2WW there was logic: not to tell enemy single word. So lets
> reverse this anti-terrorist "logic": We need strong cryptography in
> public domain just to protect us ordinary people against potential
> terrorist spying.

True, but it's not going to fly as an argument, because
the govt will just tell you that's not your role, *they* will
protect you from everything, now to go back to your TV.

There's an invite-only cabal of
oligarchic dynastic old cronies in place in governments
and mega corporations. Yes, the occaisional motivated
group of attackers "terrists" can cause them and the
populace temporary / containable harm (911 was a joke,
the US should have just rebuilt the buildings identically
as a "fuck you" and moved on, but instead its govt...).
Anyway, what they really fear is that the populace as a
whole will wake up and rise up against their needless
structure, excess, and quiet enslavement. The real reason
they want to spy is to see, regarding them, what you're
thinking and up to, so they can head you off and remain
in power. This is exactly what all governments in history
have done, and the end is showing no signs of being
any different. Just more and more power, all to them,
none for you, until... invasion or revolt.
Pretty sad eh?

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